All our bases are home made with love, and are crispy thin

Garlic pita R50  starter to share- crispy base, garlic and parmesan or mozzarella cheese with olive oil drizzle

Israeli R60  garlic pita served with tzatziki and houmous dip

Pizza Blanca R75 cream cheese, onion, garlic, mushroom & ham with parmesan & mozzarella sprinkle (white pizza without tomato)

Margarita R55  classic tomato and basil base with mozzarella cheese (v)

Milan R105 parma ham with dressed rocket & parmesan shavings

Traditional R82  continental style with ham, olives and mushrooms

Ratatouille R79  grilled aubergine and zucchini, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto (v)

Breakfast Pizza R72  crispy bacon, brown mushrooms and oregano tomatoes served with a fried egg on top

Splashy Fen R99  smoked salmon, capers, crème fresh and fresh rocket leaves - for the gourmet

Winelands R95  fig preserve, blue cheese and springbok carpaccio

Pisaladiere R95  caramelised onion in balsamic reduction, olives and anchovies - Caitlin’s favourite

The Bumpkin R79  roast pork, fresh rosemary and thyme, thinly sliced sweet potato drizzled with olive oil

Mediterranean R85  salami, sundried tomato and olives

The Butcher R95  lamb, bacon, salami and roasted peppers

Con Carne R89  chilli Con Carne with beans, guacamole & yogurt

Florentine R72  spinach & feta (v)

Pyrus R82  brie cheese, poached pear, pecan nuts & fresh rocket (v)

Balti R82  spicy chicken with fresh chilli, coriander and Bulgarian yogurt drizzle

Woodstock R79  butternut, roasted pumpkin seeds, chickpeas & feta (v)

Madrid R95  chorizo sausage and peppadews

North Shore R75  brown mushroom, fresh pineapple and ham (by popular demand)

Tropical R72  bacon & banana

For the little Bumpkins

       Margarita R40

       Pineapple, ham & mushroom R55

       Tropical – bacon & banana R55

Extra toppings

        Meat R10 (Parma Ham R15)

       Tzatziki / Houmous R10

        Fish R15

        Fruit & Veg R8 

            Avo/ guacamole R15

       Cheese R10

        Egg R6

Combinations of two pizzas add R10

Wheat-free rye base available add R10

Our pizza tastes better with less cheese. Ask for it!