Cappuccino R28

Café americano R25

Café latte R25

Espresso (s) R16 (d) R20

Red cappuccino R25

Hot chocolate R28

Mocha chocolate R30

Bottomless filter coffee / tea R22 - joko, five roses, green tea, rooibos, earl grey available

Juices R20, kids juices R17

Mineral water - still or sparkling R18

Cool drinks 200ml R16

Cool drinks 330ml R20

Tizers R25

Iced teas R24

Rock shandy R28

Milkshakes R35; kids milkshakes R21

Pedros with kahlua, franjelico, amarula or cape velvet R45

Liqueur coffees with jamesons irish whisky, rum, drambuie or brandy R40

We are fully licensed. Craft beer, cider, gin & fine wine all available on tap.

Corkage R45